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The Vigeland Museum has about 12 000 drawings made by Gustav Vigeland, in addition to drawings in his notebooks.

It was especially during his travels, when he was prevented from modelling, that Vigeland got outlet for his restless creative urge in his drawings. These drawings often functioned as sketches for later sculptures. In additions, they can also be seen as profound personal statements of his moods and sentiments during that time. His imagination was inexhaustible, and when the piles grew big, he posted them home for storing.

Usually, the drawings were made for private use, not for exhibitions or sale. As already mentioned, they were often sketches for sculptures, and therefore catch
 the core of a subject matter; the outline and a few clarifying details. Usually Vigeland used a few, steadfast, clear lines, but we can also find drawings with a welter of vigorous lines.

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