11 March - 14 May 2006

“Zachrisson’s and Linge’s project consists of several distinct material elements – video, white tablecloths, tables, and plaster casts. Each of these functions as a visual extension of the others, and creates a wealth of possibilities as well – and not merely by dint of the differences in form, structure, category, and properties. The project also makes possible a poetically rich space where a series of suggestive clues in the form of thoughts, actions, and dialogues are subtly woven together. In this way, these four elements become the basis for many different experiences of the room in which they function. The elements constitute a structure, an architecture in the architecture: tables above tables or alone, tablecloths piled together or spread out over tables, the light of the projector falling upon the wall in a loop, and all the hands in plaster, grouped and arranged, like the scene of some event or act, where the event is still underway – yet also completed and finite”, (from “The meaning of hands”- Anne Karin Jortveit).


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