5 March - 16 May 2010


Stein Koksvik's artworks are clear and precise. This is true whether we speak of his drawings, his installations or his sculptures.

By clear and precise I allude to the work's recognisable elements: Plexiglas, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, wires, beams, sheets of wood and canvas, to mention only some of the materials he uses.

When Koksvik chooses to use the expression Double room in the title of some of his works, one might suspect him of trying to buy time. Or should I say space. To state things simply, there is duplicity in his works because they fluctuate between the Idyllic and total collapse. He uses a well-known strategy, playing with equivocality; which migrates between the canny and the uncanny, the known and the unknown.

The installations and sculptures suggest chaos; it is the viewer who controls the chaos, who must or should bring order from disorder. The drawings do not express the essence of chaos in themselves. One should rather speak of the drawings as disorder, or fragility at the breaking point.

An illustrated exhibition catalogue is made with texts by
Jarle Strømodden (director, Vigeland Museum) and Åsmund Thorkildsen (director, Drammen Museum).

150 pages, NOK 100,-. Please contact the Museum Shop: shop.vigeland ‹at› shop.museum.no

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