17 February - 13 May 2012

Welcome to the exhibition opening
Thursday 16 February at 19 pm

In the exhibition Gustav Vigeland and Photography Vigeland’s photograph collection is presented for the public for the first time.

“Between the eye and the object it has to be clear: that space is sacred: a camera should not be placed there”

Gustav Vigeland, 1903

Vigeland’s relation to photography was ambivalent.  He was critical of contemporary artists’ widespread use of photography as an aid, and of photography's ability to reproduce sculpture. At the same time he himself took almost full advantage of photography as an artist aid. He used photography to publicise his art, as an aid in his work on certain sculptures, and especially to document his own work. He also used photography as a source of inspiration.

The exhibition shows photographs of several of our most well known photographers, such as O. Væring and Anders Beer Wilse, as well as photographs taken with Vigeland’s own camera either by himself or Inga Syvertsen, his common-law wife and assistant. These are photographs documenting Vigeland’s sculptures, as well as photographs of the artist at home and in the studio, working with a sculpture or together with friends or acquaintances. This material gives a fascinating insight into Gustav Vigeland’s life and work. It tells us about his living- and working conditions, his work process, interest in the history of art, and his sources of inspiration, and not least, it gives insight into Vigeland’s daily life.

The photographic plates in the museum was cleansed and digitalises with the support from the UNI Foundation in 2009.

Exhibition Curator: Curator Guri Skuggen
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