7 September – 4 November 2012

Mathias Skeibrok (1851 - 1896) was the most important sculptor of the so-called 1880s generation in Norwegian art. This exhibition shows the diversity of his oeuvre, from mythological-historical figures to realistic, everyday motifs and portrait busts. Inspired by French contemporary sculpture, Skeibrok introduced realism into Norwegian sculpture through memorable works asThe mother watching over her sick child (1879) and Weary (1883). Among Skeibrok's most significant mythological sculptures are Ragnar Lodbrok in the Snake Pit (1877-78), Snorre Sturlason Dictating The Kings Sagas (1883) and Outlaw (1885-88).

Skeibrok participated in several important monument competitions, among them a monument of the author and dramatist Ludvig Holberg in Bergen (1880) and for a statue of the naval war hero Peter Wessel Tordenskiold in Christiania (1890). Skeibroks greatest assignment however, was the pediment group for the University Building in Christiania, a competition he won in 1885. This challenging work engaged him for nearly a decade and was unveiled in 1894.

Mathias Skeibrok held an important position as teacher at the so-called Drawing School (Den Kongelige Tegneskolen) in Christiania where one of his pupils was the young Gustav Vigeland who later became his assistent.

Skeibroks untimely death in 1896 cut short one of the most significant sculptural efforts in Norwegian art ever.


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