23 November 2012 - 10 February 2013

This winter’s exhibition at the Vigeland Museum is devoted to the three renowned Norwegian artists Ane Graff (b. 1974), Camilla Løw (b. 1976) and Sten Are Sandbeck (b. 1969).

In her work, Ane Graff is investigating the nature of matter and the material that surrounds us. Her production processes philosophical and scientific problems through visual approaches. She is especially interested in processes in nature that involve changes and degradation. In the Vigeland Museum Graff presents works that reflect on disease and decay, and that also addresses a human aspect.
The series «You Are My Marble» show hand printed and coloured textiles where the original traces of decay in the textile is erased by the production process itself.

Camilla Løw is working with geometric sculptures and shapes with clear references to Constructivism and the Minimalism of the 1960’s. The sculptures are built from prefabricated materials, preferably concrete, wood, metal and plexiglas. Her structures of cubes or blocks seem simple, but this simplicity is for the viewer the basis for an inclusive complexity.
For the exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Løw has casted flagstones in concrete which relate to the exhibition room in colour, pattern and form.

Sten Are Sandbeck works with both painting and sculpture, and often he combines the two mediums in so-called painterly sculptures. Sandbeck relates to the early modernist painting and combines Expressionism’s violent colours with both Cubism’s fascination with African masks and Surrealism’s search in the unconscious.  
For the exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, he has created a cast of characters, each of which plays a role in a satirical performance. An exhibition opening in the art world is pictured as a grotesque expression of our repressed compulsions – and in a metaphorical sense; the opening of the gates of Hell.

Welcome to the exhibition opening 22 November at 19.00.


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