18 January – 10 February 2013

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 17 January at 19:30-21:30. Doors open at 19:00.

The project is initiated by the «jewellery engineer», Sigurd Bronger, who has invited international jewellery artists to take part in the exhibition.
The exhibition will include eight artists in total, four from the jewellery scene i Oslo and four from the scene in Munich, four women and four men:  Sigurd Bronger (NO), Norman Weber (DE), Lisa Walker (NZ / DE), Reinhold Ziegler (NO), Stefan Heuser (DE), Runa Vethal Stølen (NO), Eunmi Chun (KR / DE), Ingeborg Resell Elieson (NO).

The overall aim of the project is firstly to show international art jewellery in Norway, something that has rarely been done, and secondly to initiate a discussion about where art jewellery might go in the future.

The title “Aftermath” is inspired from
the breakthrough album of The Rolling Stones from 1966. The word “aftermath” comes from farming, where it refers to the “second harvest”. Today it is commonly used to refer to the consequences of disastrous events. In this project, however, it means that which comes after that which has been.

The exhibition will later be shown at the Museum Villa Stuck in Munich during “Schmuck” in March 2013.

he project also includes a book publication which, in addition to artist presentations, includes interviews with all the participating artists. The interviews are done by the editor of KUNSTforum and Norwegian Crafts, André Gali. The book will be published by the renowned German publishers Arnoldsche Art Publishers.

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