8 March - 12 May 2013

Welcome to the exhibition opening
Thursdag 7 March at 19-21

Michael Johansson (1975) has established himself with a distinctive expression within three-dimensional art. In terms of form, he has clear references to Conceptualism and American Minimalism. Johansson's work is also highly referential, culturally and artistically by his use of collected objects. He creates works that are highly visual, both in terms of size and color. He has executed a number of public art works.

The solo exhibition Familiar Abstractions at the Vigeland Museum is Johansson's first museum exhibition in Norway. Free standing sculptures and site-specific works will fill four of the museum's halls in addition to a work outside the museum. One of the site specific works will be a monumental "infill" project when he fills the passage between Hall 7 and Hall 8 (The Fountain Room) from floor to ceiling with found objects from the Vigeland Museum.

In connection with the exhibition, there will be made an exhibition catalogue documenting the process of creation and the final exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, in addition to texts by the Museum Director Jarle Strømodden and artist and curator at Värmland Art Museum, Jörgen Svensson.

Time-lapse video from the mounting of Tetris - Vigeland Museum

Curator: Trine Otte Bak Nielsen.
For more information about Michael Johansson's work, see the artist's website.

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