4 March - 18 May 2014


The exhibition presents Gustav Vigeland's earliest sculptures, from 1889 and 1890. In this period he had his apprenticeship in Kristiania, first at the sculptor Brynjulf Bergslien’s (1830-1898) studio, then with Mathias Skeibrok (1851-1896). Most of Vigeland's work from this period is influenced by Neoclassicism, but one can also sense the influence of other currents, primarily Neo-romanticism.

The exhibition also shows original drawings from 1889/1890, as well as a selection sculptures from the mid and late 1890's. After his apprenticeship in Kristiania, Vigeland concentrated almost exclusively on his own compositions where an emphasis on the inner life of his figures is central. The form is first dissolved and sketchy, almost impressionistic, but eventually becomes firmer. Towards the end of the 1890s his works are characterized by a slim, detailed, figure style.

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