27 September - 9 November 2014



Bård Breivik (b. 1948) is one of our most prominent contemporary artists and has, in a double sense, left traces in the Norwegian art landscape. He has been a leading figure in the revolt against the established traditions, at the same time as he has left a mark onthe public space with his sculptures and installations.

The exhibition in the Vigeland Museum presents a selection of his works from the past few years, as well as some new works that have not been shown earlier in Norway.

In room VII Three Organic Strings from 2008 is exhibited, a work that in its fragile monumentality is both a sculpture and an installation. Room XI and XII are dedicated to works executed in stone, most of them floor-based. Characteristic of these works is the variation in the treatment of the surface, from the roughly chiseled to the neatly polished.

Throughout his artistic career, Breivik has been open to explore different materials and shapes, and this exploration has made him a pioneer in the Norwegian art scene. He has contributed to setting the agenda for what sculpture can or should be.


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