5 June - 13 September 2015

corner piecesSculpture is something you bump into when you back up to look at a painting.
Ad Reinhardt

The artists and the works in this exhibition have no immediate relation to each other. Corner Pieces presents works that are designed to, or can be adjusted to, being placed in a corner of the exhibition space.

An encounter with art is first and foremost about looking. Then we can describe, characterize and interpret. Åsil Bøthun’s elaborate cosmetics bags can remind us of our vanity. Kjell Varvin’s vertical and potent form is a stark contrast to Tor Børresen’s horizontal and scattered ditto. Ane Mette Hol presents objects that are something different than what they appear to be, as we also find with Fischli & Weiss.

The works in the exhibition have essential values as art objects. But Corner Pieces consists of works that also draw attention towards the framework that shapes our experience of art, namely architecture. The Vigeland Museum is one of Norway’s most important examples of neoclassical monumental architecture and was listed by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage spring 2015. It is a charged building, not without dents, that from being Gustav Vigeland’s studio opened as a museum to the public in the summer of 1947.

By showing contemporary sculpture in an historic building, interesting encounters between old and new can occur. In addition to exploring the opportunities of the architectural aspect in art experiences, the exhibition shows examples of the modernism of sculpture. These can be seen in the light of traditional sculpture, represented by Vigeland's figurative works.

Participating artists: Åsil Bøthin, Tor Børresen, Kjell Varvin, Ane Mette Hol, Fischli & Weiss.

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