Håkon Anton Fagerås, Thea (detail), 2015.

June 3rd - September 18th 2016

The Vigeland Museum is proud to present Håkon Anton Fagerås (b. 1975) as this year's summer exhibitor. The exhibition shows both new and former works, comprising several works in marble and two new sculptures in cast iron.

In his generation, Fagerås is among the few who works with figurative sculpture. Despite choosing a classical approach in both style and material, Fagerås' sculptures represent a break with the traditional. They do not depict exalted gods or heroines, but ordinary people frozen in a moment of nothing. These are sober everyday portraits and situational representations; three infants asleep, a woman scratching her hip, and an old man with a light slumped body, carrying a sleeping pillow. Fagerås' works are not filled with symbolism and metaphors. Nor are they theatrical. In this way, is is not obvious what they mean. The story of before and after the moment they are captured in, is something that we as viewers must feel and infer. 


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