3 February - 14 May 2017

The Vigeland Museum is proud to present Vessels, a solo exhibition by sculptor Jone Kvie (b. 1970). Vessels is Kvie’s second solo museum exhibition, comprising both new and former works.

With simple forms and familiar materials such as stone, marble, bronze and aluminum, Kvie creates sculptures that assimilates major issues related to the human condition. A recurring feature of his oeuvre has been an interest in the universe's complexity and infinity. The sculptures can be perceived as both artificial and natural, and express Kvie’s interest in intangible concepts and phenomena. The works can be seen as interactions between the physical and the spiritual, the concrete and the abstract.

Among the works in the exhibition, Kvie presents three pieces from the series Second Messenger, made of aluminum and roughly carved basalt. Basalt is known to have a high content of calcium, an element that is essential for the human skeleton and our nervous system. Within neuroscience, calcium is a so-called second messenger. Thus, the title refers to how the brain's neurotransmitters need calcium to communicate effectively with the rest of the body. The absence of calcium will inevitably lead to degradation.

In a smaller work, Vessel (Colombia), Kvie has used bronze, which is a traditional material in art. The small square-shaped box is a copy of the tachograph from the US space shuttle Colombia. On the way into the earth's atmosphere on 1 February 2003, the shuttle disintegrated and the crew of seven died. The work can be a symbol of man's desire to expand boundaries and explore new territories, but also a reminder of its finiteness.

There are no absolutes in Kvie’s work. He examines the poetic potential in various forms and materials. What Kvie is working with and showing us can be an expression of our desire to understand and explore the universe, and our place in it. The tachograph is only one example of this. Still, while consistently working with intangible concepts and ideas, Kvie’s interest is also in creating works that can be experienced on their own terms.

Simultaneously with the exhibition in the Vigeland Museum, Jone Kvie shows new works at OSL contemporary, Oslo, and at Galerie Michel Reine, Paris.

Jone Kvie (b. 1970) currently lives and works in Malmø, Paris and Naples. He has exhibited in several Scandinavian museums and galleries, including the ARoS Kunstmuseum, Arhus, Sørlandets Art Museum, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo.

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