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In recent years there has been an increasing tendency that visitors in The Vigeland Park want to be photographed while holding The Angry Boy’s hand. This has made the hand shiny due to wear and tear, and traces of Gustav Vigeland's modelling have disappeared.

The Angry Boy (1928) is cast in bronze. Bronze reacts with substances in the environment to form a thin film that protects the metal surface. This is called patina and has usually a brown or green colour. By constantly touching the same place on the sculpture patina and details on the metal surface is fading away.

To protect The Angry Boy’s hand we repatinated the hand in June. We hoped that this would make it less tempting to touch the sculpture and that the patina would last for a while. Unfortunately this has not been the case, and in August the hand is again golden and shiny.

The Vigeland Museum is responsible for the preservation of the sculptures in the Vigeland Park for future generations. We encourage the public to help us taking care of The Angry Boy by not touching his hand.

Thank you for our co-operation.

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