Utsnitt av Vigeland-skulptur / Detail of Vigeland sculpture

The first smaller sketches to a giant column dates 1919 . Vigeland modelled it in full size in clay in his new studio at Frogner in 1924 and 1925. It only took him ten months. Thereafter it was cast in plaster. The autumn of 1926 a granite block weighing hundreds of tons was transported by sea up the Oslofjord from a stone quarry near Halden.

The block arrived its destination in the early 1927 and was erected the following year. A shed was built around the stone and the plaster model was installed next to it. In 1929 the transferring of the figures could begin. It took three stone carvers 14 years to finish the work. In 1943 the last part of the column's plaster model could finally be dismantled and carried back to the Vigeland Museum, where it still can be admired. Before the shed was demolished, around Christmas1944, the public was allowed in. Almost 180,000 visitors climbed the shed's steep steps to study the result closely.

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