Utsnitt av Vigeland-skulptur / Detail of Vigeland sculpture

hovedportalenThe Main Gate in granite and wrought iron facing Kirkeveien marks the beginning of the 850 meter long axis that leads over the Bridge to the Fountain on to the Monolith and ends in the Wheel of life. The Main Gate consists of five large gates and two small pedestrian gates in wrought iron. Railings curve outwards on each side and end in two copper-roofed gate houses, topped by guilded weather vanes.

The gates were designed in 1926. The upper parts, surmounted by lanterns, were redesigned in the 1930's to replace the older ones. The wrought iron was carried out in a forge which was constructed next to the Vigeland Museum, south of the park. The Main Gate was erected in 1942 and was financed by a Norwegian bank.

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