Utsnitt av Vigeland-skulptur / Detail of Vigeland sculpture

Some sculptures are placed outside the main axis in the Vigeland Park.

At the end of an axis that intersect the main axis in north, is Vigeland's monumental bronze group the Clan (1934-36). With the exception of the Monolith, this group is Vigeland's largest sculpture and consists of 21 figures. The original model i plaster was stored in the Vigeland Museum until 1985, when a gift from IBM made it possible to have it cast in bronze and erected in the park in 1988, according to Vigeland's original plan.

On the opposite side of the main axis, is the two sculptures Young girl kneeling, encircled by a coiled lizard (1938) and Young boy and girl leaning against each other over a well (1939).

Near the Vigeland Museum to the south, the Triangle (1938) is placed on a circular extension in the diagonal path leading from the Monolith.

To the north inside the Main Entrance stands Vigeland's self-portrait (1942). Dressed in his everyday working clothes, with hammer and chisel in hand, he stands as a signature of his own work.

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