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Opening: Dag Erik Elgin

Gustav Vigeland's depictions of the individual or the family are far from the reduced expression of modernism. Vigeland himself criticized modernism, but still, isn't is a distinct tension between figure and geometric form in Vigeland's art?

Dag Erik Elgin's exhibition start with a reconstruction of Vigeland's own tomb monument, placed in the monumental room VII in the Vigeland Museum.

The original Tomb Monument is of course located in the museum's Tower Room, and consists of a spherical urn carried by a simple pillar.

18 reliefs surrounds the monument and Vigeland only managed to complete eight before his death. Ten reliefs were left unfinished - now standing as white square monochromes. The monument appears formally different from Vigeland's other works. Can it be seen as a parallel to non-object-based art expressions?

At the same time, the tension between classicism and functionalism is also found in architect Lorentz Rees's design of the Vigeland Museum - the building itself.

The museum building was erected in two stages, where the expression changed from Nordic classicism in the east wing from 1923 to a simplified and functionalist characterized south wing from 1928.

This is the background for Elgin's exhibition. It can be seen as a modernist dialogue, with a selection of new and older works by Dag Erik Elgin, looking at a more complex interpretation of Gustav Vigeland's artistic production.

Welcome to the opening at the Vigeland Museum, January 30, at 18 pm.

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