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Anniversary Program

This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gustav Vigeland´s birth. The celebration will be nationwide with a broad spectrum of exhibitions, events and activities. The Vigeland Anniversary in 2019 will celebrate the man behind Norway's largest tourist attraction, the Vigeland Park. At the same time, the anniversary will highlight the diversity in Vigeland's production. Vigeland was a recognized portrait artist, and it was as the creator of some of the country's finest monuments that he earned his position in Norwegian art history.

Read all about it our anniversary magazine. It´s in Norwegian, but still worth a look. You will also find more information about different activities and exhibitions here on our web page.

Join the Anniversary Celebration of Gustav Vigeland in Vigelandsparken on June 22 2019

The 150th anniversary is marked with an Anniversary Celebration in the Vigeland Park. There will be free cake and activities such as yoga, rebus races and a sculpture workshop for kids all day. The Sinnatag Run for kids is arranged by Oslo Maraton and you can send a summer postcard with the anniversary stamps for free (only on June 22 2019). The celebration will end with a full concert with the NRK Orcestra KORK and radio theatere (in Norwegian). Read more about the Anniversary Celebration June 22 2019.

PARALLELS. Gustav Vigeland and his Contemporaries

April 12 to September 15, 2019

The Anniversary exhibition displays a compilation of Vigeland's work together with the sculptor of Auguste Rodin, Aristide Mailoll, Constatin Meunier and Antoine Bourdelle. The exhibition shows the development in Vigeland's artistry and puts it into a larger art-historical context. The exhibition is realized through a substantial borrowing from among others the Musée Rodin, the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée Bourdelle in Paris, as well as the Glyptotek in Copenhagen. Read more about the exhibition

Traveling exhibition in cooperation with the Nasjonalmuseet, all over Norway
Gustav Vigeland. Scream on the sofa
. March 30, 2019 until 2020.

The Vigeland Museum collaborates with the Norwegian National Museum (Nasjonalmuseet) on the exhibition which shows Vigeland's early work from the 1890s. The exhibition shows a perhaps less familiar side of Vigeland and focus on the theme Vigeland was concerned with from being very young: interpersonal relationships. The theme in the exhibition is loneliness, anxiety, despair and vulnerability.

Erotic drawings - exhibition in Trondheim Art Museum
The exhibition will be exhibited on October 12, 2019 - March 8, 2020 in Trondheim Art Museum.

Vigeland exhibition in Thiel Gallery, Stockholm
June 15 opens a large Vigeland exhibition at Thielska Gallery in Stockholm. The Thielska Gallery contains the collection of the Australian Ernest Thiel. The gallery's collection is the largest collection of Gustav Vigeland's and Edvard Munch's art outside of Norway.

The Vigeland Seminar - research on Vigeland

The Vigeland Seminar is organized by University in Oslo, IFIKK and the Vigeland Museum at Sentralen on 23 and 24 May 2019. The Vigeland Museum has awarded two writing awards in connection with the anniversary. The purpose is to stimulate increased research and new publishing on Vigeland's art.

Vigeland's letters

In collaboration with the Norwegian National Library, parts of the extensive material found both in the National Library and in the Vigeland Museum's collection are digitialized. It includes the letters from Gustav Vigeland to important people in Norwegian cultural life, such as Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Knut Hamsun. Parts of the material will be presented in a separate publication.

Literature during the Vigeland Anniversary

Tone Wikborg's grand Vigeland biography from 2001 is republised in both Norwegian and also in English for the very first time.
(Publiser: Vidarforlaget / Solum Bokvennen)

The book Vigeland & the Park (eng) has photos by Espen Grønli and text by Jarle Strømodden (Orfeus Publishing).

During the year you are invited to exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, concerts, sculpture walks, clay workshop and much more.

Welcome to the Vigeland Anniversary 2019!