Floating 1 Foto Unni Irmelin Kvam Vigelandmuseet

Art film on the Vigeland Museum building

Floating / Sven Påhlsson

The facade of the Vigeland Museum is a unique canvas. Outdoors and outside of the Vigeland Museum, the visual artist Sven Påhlsson will project a selection of art films, using Gustav Vigelands building as his canvas in the autumn darkness.

Påhlsson is a trained painter, but has for the past 35 years worked with digital and electronic media on large surfaces. He is considered one of the most experienced in video art.

is free and outdoors. The performance is different every time. The video projection will be shown on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the period 16.10 to 14.11 at 18 - 21. If it is raining, the event will be canceled due to a sensitive technically system.

Dress warm, bring a picnic blanket, and perhaps a thermos with something warm in it, and make a nice evening!

Topics: #floating #svenpahlsson #vigelandmuseet

Views at 18.00 - 21.00 (subject to weather conditions):

Friday 16.10
Saturday 17.10

Wednesday 21.10 (Canceled because of rain)
Thursday 22.10 (Canceled because of rain)
Friday 23.10
Saturday 24.10

Wednesday 28.10
Thursday 29.10
Friday 30.10
Saturday 31.10

Wednesday 2.11
Thursday 3.11
Friday 4.11
Saturday 5.11

Wednesday 11.11
Thursday 12.11
Friday 13.11
Saturday 14.11

The films are:

Little People
Breaking Waves
Bending Water VI

is produced by visual artist Sven Påhlsson and curator Knut Blomstrøm, and supported by the Norwegian Cultural Foundation and the Vigeland Museum.

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