The Fountain in the Vigeland Park is very popular.

Vigeland Park / The Fountain

Beyond the Bridge, the path continues through a rose garden to the Fountain, the earliest sculpture unit in the park.

In the centre of the basin six giants hold the large saucer-shaped vessel aloft and from it a curtain of water spills down around them. The men, representing different ages, may be interpreted as toiling with the burden of life.

Water, a universal symbol of fertility, is used within the fountain complex in a meaningful juxtaposition with the twenty tree groups on the surrounding parapet, the latter evidently symbolising "the three of life".

The tree groups represent a romantic expression of Man's relationship to nature. They also form the setting for life's evolving stages, stretching from childhood and adolescence through adulthood to old age and death.

The Fountain in the Vigeland Park. (Photo: Espen Grønli) The Fountain, Vigeland Park (Photo: Ingebjørg Mogstad / Vigelandmuseet)