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Bilde av verket "Wish you were here" av Ceal Floyer.

A Question of Time (Wish You Were Here)

From left: Andrea Scholze, Einar Grinde, duo Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong, and Lin Wang. Photo: Sara Angelica Spilling

Eckbos Legat

Anniversary Exhibition

Elise Storsveen. Photo: Eline Mugaas

Elise Storsveen

Heat Waves

Hanne Friis. Black Circle, 2021-22 (detail). Plastic, hand-stitched. Photo: Hanne Friis

Hanne Friis


Gustav Vigeland, Two fighting men. Photographer unknown.


Curated by Bjørn Hatterud and Håkon Lillegraven

Knut Henrik Henriksen. “Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold”

Knut Henrik Henriksen

“Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold”

Redsel (1892) (Photo: Annar Bjørgli / National Museum)

Gustav Vigeland

A scream from the sofa

Per Kristian Nygård, Stair, sketch for sculpture. 2020.

Per Kristian Nygård

The Economy of Form


Dag Erik Elgin

A Modernistic Endpoint

Lin Wang. Photo: Unni Irmelin Kvam / The Vigeland Museum

Lin Wang

Rhapsody and Still Life

Vigeland's Mother and Child 1909. (Photo: Øyvind Andersen / Vigeland Museum)

PARALLELS. Vigeland and his contemporaries

Bourdelle, Maillol, Meunier, Rodin

Ann Iren Buan.

Ann Iren Buan

Around us surround us

Åsil Bøthun, Piknik i grått

Åsil Bøthun

Picnic in grey

Aurora Passero. Photo: Jiri Havran.

Aurora Passero

Silvery Actions

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