The Monolith Hall. (Photo: Ivar Kvaal / The Vigeland Museum)

Anniversary talks

During the Vigeland Anniversary 2019 you can attend lectures to learn more about different aspects of Vigeland's life and art. The lectures start precisely at 18:00. The series is supported by Fritt Ord and is held in Norwegian at the Vigeland Museum.

3 December
Emotions carved in stone
I want to return to my humans, Gustav Vigeland said, and meant his sculptures. People frozen in eternal moments - made of clay over an iron skeleton, cast in plaster, carved in stone or cast in bronze. Yet, Vigeland called them human beings. When we look at his sculptures, we see a range of human emotions. But the human form we look at - feels nothing. Why do Vigeland's people feel so alive?
By Art Historian Liga Olsen

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