The stairs to the Monolith in the Vigeland Park. (Photo: Espen Grønli)

Vigeland Park

The park is always open - see visitor information

The sculpture park is Gustav Vigeland's life work, comprising over 200 sculptures in granite, bronze and wrought iron. It was installed mainly in the period 1940-1949, but is nevertheless a result of over 40 years of work. The starting point for the park is Vigeland's Fountain, which was originally meant to be placed at Eidsvoll Plass in front of the Storting. These plans were never realized, and the Fountain later became part of Vigeland's more extensive park plans.

In 1924, the city council agreed that the sculptor's monumental Fountain was to be erected in Frogner Park. At that time, Vigeland's park project had expanded to include the Monolith and the Bridge.

The Vigeland Park during winter (Photo: Espen Grønli) Sculptures in the Vigeland Park. (Photo: Espen Grønli) The Vigeland Park is popular among tourists and locals. (Photo: Espen Grønli) The Brigde in the Vigeland Park during morning fog. (Photo: Espen Grønli) The stairway to the Monolith. (Photo: Espen Grønli) Boy sculpture in the Vigeland Park. (Photo: Espen Grønli)