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Ingerid and Gustav Vigeland's appartment

The Vigeland Museum was built in the 1920s by the City of Oslo as a studio, residence and future museum for the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Norway's great sculptor worked and lived here for the last 20 years of his life, until his death in 1943. The building was started in neoclassical style and this style characterizes the north wing. However, the building was not completed until 1931 and completed in a functionalist style. Architect Lorentz Ree received the Houen Foundation's award in 1926. The museum is today considered one of Norway's most beautiful with its exquisite colors and light from the skylights.

Gustav Vigeland and his wife Ingerid moved in to the apartment in 1924. The apartment is in the third floor of the museum and is nearly 300 square meters, with two living rooms, a dining room, one bedroom, a big library, kitchen and a modern bathroom.

The interior of Ingerid and Gustav Vigeland's apartment was designed by Vigeland himself. The lamps, pillows, fabrics and tablecloths can be considered a "gesamtkunstwerk" inspired by the Art & Crafts movement.

See the film about Ingerid and Gustav Vigeland's Artist House here: Vigeland's apartment. The film is in Norwegian, but the subtitles can be set in another language.

Guided Tour of Vigeland's Artist Home?

Vigeland's Artist House is only accessible by appointment or during public tours. Dates for public tours of the artist home can be found under events. Please note that most of the public guided tours in the apartment are held in Norwegian.

If you wish to have a private guided tour of Vigeland's Artist Home, please contact See our prices for private guided tours here.

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