Small and bigger sculpture of the Angry Boy. For sale in the Vigeland Museum. (Photo: Unni Irmelin Kvam / Vigeland Museum)

The Museum / Museum Store

In the museum shop, located inside of the Vigeland Museum, you can find unique treasures that can only be bought here. Most of the products are made specially for the Vigeland Musem, and are suitable for gift as well for yourself. Our products are not only for pleasure, but also for use and benefit. With us you will find books about Gustav Vigeland and his art, avaliable in both in Norwegian and English.

Tone Wikborg's republished Vigeland biography tells all about the great sculptor's life - from cradle to grave. The new edition came during the 150th Anniversary for Vigelands birth. The biography is published in English for the very first time in 2019.

Orpheus have published Vigeland & The Park. The Essays are written by the Museum Director at the Vigeland Museum, Jarle Strømodden and the artistic photos are by the well-known photographer Espen Grønli. This splendid book is available in both Norwegian and English.

The Anniversary Exhibition PARALLELS. Gustav Vigeland and his contemporaries can be relived by the exhibition catalog, which tells about Vigeland's artistic development from realistic sculpture to monumental form. The display of Gustav Vigeland's art together with his European contemporary sculptors depicts Vigeland in a hitherto unknown context. The main essay is written by Guri Skuggen. Other essays are written by Art Historians from our collaborative museums connected to the Anniversery Exibiton in 2019.

We have a variety of products, including beautiful postcards with Vigeland's more unknown designs, such as woodcuts and drawings. We have sculptures of the Angry Boy in two sizes, coffee mugs, crayons and cartoons made especially for the Vigeland Museum.

Kristiania Design
has entered into a collaboration with the Vigeland Museum and made pillowcases inspired by Vigeland's original interior design and art. A visit to Vigeland's artist home on the third floor of the museum started something bigger: Kristiania Design started to look at Vigeland's interior design. When Vigeland and his young wife Ingerid moved into Frogner in 1924, Vigeland designed embroidery, pillows and floor textiles, as well as candlesticks and chandeliers for his own apartment. Artist Kristina D. Aas has now designed four new pillows where Vigeland's design has been reinterpreted. The pillows have been named after places and people who were important in Vigeland life. The pillows have been named after his wife "Ingerid", and after places he loved.

The opening hours for the Museum Store follows the opening hours of the Vigeland Museum. Some of the products may also be purchased at the kiosks in the Vigeland Park. The shop is accessible without an admission ticket to the museum. Unfortunately, the Vigeland Museum does not have an online store, so we urge you to use the opportunity when you are at the museum.

The photos shows only some of the products in the museum store. The inventory might differ from time to time.

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