2019 Lin Wang BILDE Exotic Dreams installasjon Kunsthall Grenland

Lin Wang

Rhapsody & Still Life

Lin Wang presents a site-specific installation in the Vigeland Museum's monumental Hall VII.

About the work Rhapsody

More than 20,000 porcelain pieces make up the installation Rhapsody in the Vigeland Museum's Sal VII.

The hand-painted porcelain pieces form an elongated shape that extends the length of the room, from the window into the Fountain Hall. The same hand-painted porcelain pieces were used to create the work Exotic dreams and poetic misunderstandings in Kunsthall Grenland in 2018. Although these are the same individual elements, the artist has created a new work that provides a basis for new considerations and new associations.

The porcelain chip prototype is made at Porsgrund Porcelain Factory and manufactured in China. Each piece is hand-painted and the blue color is based on color pigments from the porcelain factory in Porsgrunn and from China. The color also points to the cobalt mines at Blaafarveverket at Modum.

About the work Still Life

On a table are hand-painted porcelain objects. On closer inspection, they are bones and pieces of meat with tattoos. These are Lin Wang's from former sailors who got their tattoos in foreign and exotic when they were at sea. The tattoo was a social marker, but also a visual memory for the individual sailor.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday, October 10 at 18.00 - 20.00!

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