The theatre-performance group, De naive. (Photo: Foto: Lucas Leonardo Ibanez-Fæhn)

De Naive: Sequence for Vigeland I-XII

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De Naive works in the crossing field between contemporary dance and performance, and will in the fall of 2019 perform Sequence for Vigeland I-XII.

With a fascination for the seemingly simple and banal synchronous dance found in musicals, flash mob and music videos, De Naive will create synchronous sequences for the Vigeland Museum. As a living exhibition at the museum, they will remove bodily and mental hierarchies related to which movements are important and have value.

How can the synchronous and "cheaply impressive" be transformed into a persistent and repetitive system, where suggestion and subtle changes take over the attention? With their heartfelt pleasure for the common dance, De Naive takes a reproduction of the popular culture's steps and movements into the high culture's stronghold: The Museum.

Sequence for Vigeland I-XII is part of De Naive's Flash Mob Series - a performative installation and performance series linked to museums and galleries.

12.00-16.00 in the Vigeland Museum.

The event and entrance fee to the museum is free with a pre-booked ticket from TicketCo.

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