The Monolith Hall. Photo: Ivar Kvaal.

Tourist in your own city 2023

Tourist in your own city - Free entrance and guided tours “Tourist in your own city” is a collaboration between VisitOslo, Ruter and a selection of the city’s museums and attractions, inviting everyone to experience the Oslo as a tourist. The event lasts for one day and is free. You will need a “Tourist in your own city”-pass, which will be available for digital download on November 7th. There will only be 6 tickets avalible per person. Visit or email booking for more information.

At “Tourist in your own city” you can experience the Vigeland Museum and Gustav Vigeland’s apartment for free. The guided yours are at 13.00 and 14.00 and it’s 15 persons per tour. The tickets for the guided tours are avalible at the museum’s information desk at 12.00 with a “Tourist in your own city”-pass.

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