Gustav Vigeland, Man sitting in front of a fire. Carved in wooden cutting board. Photo: Øyvind Andersen


Curated by Bjørn Hatterud and Håkon Lillegraven


Curated by Bjørn Hatterud and Håkon Lillegraven
Exhibition architecture by Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard

In 2022 it is 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Norway. This will be marked and celebrated all over the country. On this occasion, the Vigeland Museum has invited curators Bjørn Hatterud and Håkon Lillegraven to take a queer look at the museum’s collection. This has resulted in an exhibition displaying objects that are a bit odd, out of place and not often shown to the public. The exhibition includes a moulding form and parts of plaster casts, tablecloths and napkins designed by Gustav Vigeland, as well as woodcuts and selected sculptures.

In addition to the exhibition in the museum, the curators have initiated a side program consisting of talks and performances focusing on the queer history of the Frogner Park. The program has received support from Arts Council Norway and Fritt Ord Foundation, and will be announced consecutively on this page.

PARADE side program:

Mette Edvardsen - En lys sommers usigelige smerte

Ulf Nilseng and Corentin JPM Leven - Treffpunkt - et cruisingarkiv

Square napkins with embroidery designed by Gustav Vigeland. Photo: Øyvind Andersen

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