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Guided Tour: The Vigeland Museum and the Vigeland Park

Join us for a combined tour of the Vigeland Museum and Vigeland Park, every Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM throughout the summer.* The tour begins at the museum, providing a deeper understanding of the history behind Vigeland Park. Sculptures such as the Monolith, the Fountain, and the Wheel of Life gain new dimensions when you learn about Vigeland's artistic development and craftsmanship.

The Vigeland Museum is Gustav Vigeland's former studio and residence. The museum, which opened in 1947, offers a unique insight into the development of Vigeland's artistry. Here, you can experience a permanent exhibition featuring many of the sculptor's earliest works, famous monuments, and portrait busts. Additionally, you can see the plaster originals of the iconic works in Vigeland Park at full scale. The building is one of Norway's finest examples of neoclassical architecture, designed by architect Lorentz Ree.

After the museum visit, the tour continues to Vigeland Park, which consists of over 200 sculptures in granite, bronze, and wrought iron. The park is the result of over 40 years of work and was mainly constructed between 1940 and 1949. Here, you can explore Vigeland's iconic Fountain, along with the sculpture-rich bridge and the majestic Monolith.


If you want to secure a ticket, we recommend booking in advance. The ticket includes entrance to the museum. The tours are conducted in English, but in Norwegian if the group allows. The tours start promptly, and there is a maximum of 25 people per tour.

When booking a companion ticket, you must present a valid companion certificate upon arrival.

*Subject to change.

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