Knut Henrik Henriksen, "Staged Emotions (Auf der WalzThe Journeyman Years)", 2021. Art Basel Parcours, Antikenmuseum, Basel, CH. Photo: Annik Wetter

Exhibition opening: Knut Henrik Henriksen “Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold”

Knut Henrik Henriksen (b. 1970) is known for his site-specific installations, which are often based on architecture and building traditions. In the exhibition “Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold”, Henriksen has laid out traces and signs related to wandering, living, learning, being.

The main work that meets the public in the Vigeland Museum is entitled "An Architectural Sunset". Henriksen has made a wall inspired by Theodor Kittelsen's painting "Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold" - a kind of analog pixelation of the painting where Askeladden sees Soria Moria in the distance. By using panels painted with various colours, we get a different impression of the Norwegian landscape and the notion of Soria Moria. The sculpture stands, like a wall made of horizontal panels, not unlike a house. Soria Moria has been reduced to three yellow panels. However, our image of the fairytale castle is still so strong that we see it before ourselves. It is the building that shimmers, like an architectural sunset.

Exhibition period: 04.03.22 – 22.05.22.

We look forward to seeing you!

Knut Henrik Henriksen, "Gone with the Wind", 2017. Trondheim Kunstmuseum. Photo: Susann Jamtøy

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