Lena Walton Herfindal

Lena Walton Herfindal

Lena Walton Herfindal has created a jewellery collection for the Vigeland Museum shop!

A recurring theme in Herfindal's artistry is the anatomy of the human body and interpersonal relationships. We also find these themes in Vigeland's art. In this collection, Herfindal has been inspired by the Vigeland park, and through an abstract perspective she has interpreted the sculptures and the landscape. The collection consists of earrings in silver, brass and copper. The jewellery is unique and only available in one edition.

Lena Walton Herfindal (b. 1985) graduated as a metal and jewellery artist from Oslo University of the Arts in 2018. She makes jewellery in silver, brass and copper, and cuts out each piece by hand.