Åsne Kummeneje Mellem.

Åsne Kummeneje Mellem

(Sinne) Käsin

In her exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Åsne Kummeneje Mellem (1995) will explore how Kven handicraft or "käsityö" is relevant today. Mellem uses art as a tool to investigate her Kven identity and belonging, intending to build upon traditional materials and techniques in the exhibition titled "(Sinne) Käsin."

In Kven, the title (Sinne) Käsin has a dual meaning. The word "käsin" translates to "hand," but in an extended sense, it refers to something one creates oneself. The combination of the words "Sinne" and "käsin" can be translated to "thereover," suggesting a direction or journey towards a specific place. What should one choose to carry forward from their heritage, and how can one think innovatively about traditional craftsmanship?

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