Granittgruppe i Monolittsalen. Foto: Marte Grette

Educational Workshop - Not Just a Body

5th - 10th grade

Duration: 60 minutes

"Not Just a Body" delves into Gustav Vigeland's portrayals of the human body through a guided tour and workshop at the Vigeland Museum.

Vigeland depicted the human form with significant variation: At the same time that he sculpted young, idealized bodies, Vigeland also created highly realistic portrayals of aged, weary figures. In the 1890s, his sculptures were long and slender with intricate details, while later in life, he simplified the forms, portraying the human body as robust and abstracted. How do we understand these diverse portrayals of the body?

By drawing inspiration from Vigeland's sculptures, we aim to introduce students to the diverse ways the body has been represented throughout history. Using images and sculptures from the museum, we see and discuss depictions of the body spanning centuries, from ancient times to the present day. The presentation seeks to relate Vigeland's sculptures to art history in general, providing students with insight into how the human form has been portrayed in periods beyond the 19th and 20th centuries. We also explore how Vigeland used the body to express emotions, moods, and movement. The discussion based on the sculptures also examines how the portrayal of the human body conveys messages about, for example, body ideals, identity, and politics.

The visit lasts for 60 minutes, and the guided tour is approximately 45 minutes. The presentation is interactive and dialogue-based, aiming to actively engage students in reflection and discussion about what they observe. The visit may conclude with drawing activities.

I want to visit the Vigeland Museum with my class. What should I do?

Contact us via email: Please provide the desired date and time, the number of students, grade level, preferred payment method, and mobile number. Maximum 25 students per tour. We offer invoicing and payment by card or cash upon arrival. If you cancel the tour within 24 hours before the scheduled time, you must pay for the visit.

Guided tours take place Tuesday to Friday between 09:00 and 15:00. The visit costs NOK 500.

Why visit us?
As a central purpose in the curriculum for Arts and Crafts is that students should be able to "discuss how artists in different cultures have portrayed people throughout history." This should be the basis for creative work with portraits and sculptures. Another goal of the education is for the student to use "original art in the school's local environment" as a starting point for their creative work. They should also become familiar with how to work with proportions, form, light, and shadow.
The educational workshop "Not Just a Body" at the Vigeland Museum contributes to fulfilling these goals in the The National Curriculum "Kunnskapsløftet".

Welcome to an educational and exciting visit to the Vigeland Museum!