Vilde Evensen Nordheim

VIGELAND LIVE: Concerts 2024

Vigeland Museum is proud to present our concert program for 2024!

During the summer season, Vigeland Museum hosts VIGELAND LIVE featuring several concerts spanning jazz, blues, and pop music genres. The concerts take place in the museum's courtyard, a concert venue filled with history and charm, providing truly unique music experiences!

Saturday, May 25th: DOGLOVER95 (Supp. Mörmaid + Fredrik Høyer)

Tobias Wam Grønborg, aka Doglover95, made a mark with his debut album in 2019, which was awarded the Subjekt Prize for "Music Release of the Year in 2019." His music traverses the landscapes of experimental hip-hop, pop, and jazz. His third album is set for release in spring 2024, this time in Norwegian, and you can catch a preview at the Vigeland Museum!

Saturday, June 8th: Pandemic Solution

Pandemic Solution is a jazz trio with infectious joy in playing! The trio emerged in 2020, consisting of pianist and composer Norvald Dahl, bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, and drummer Håkon Mjåset. Their first album was recorded in January 2024, and the concert at Vigeland Museum will be an exclusive pre-premiere featuring music from the new album.

Saturday, July 13th: Marius Lien

Spellemann Award winner Marius Lien is hailed as Norway's new blues star. The 24-year-old from Vormsund released his debut album, "The Woodland Songbook Part 1," in 2023. The album is innovative and modern while maintaining strong roots in traditional and classic timeless blues. We look forward to immersing ourselves in Marius' creative universe!

Saturday, August 31st: Mall Girl

Mall Girl has performed at festivals such as Øyafestivalen and Roskilde, and in 2022, they released their debut album, "Superstar." Now, they have released their second album, "Pure Love," from which you can hear more at their concert in Vigeland Museum. Mall Girl has been associated with a plethora of genres: math pop, pink Pom Poko, time signature disco, etc. Whatever all of this means, you can find out when they perform in August!

Subject to change.