Queer Culture Year 2022

Exhibition Program 2022

The Vigeland Museum is pleased to announce our exhibition program for 2022!

The program opens with a solo exhibition with Knut Henrik Henriksen in March. Throughout the summer, we mark Queer Culture Year with an exhibition that gives us a queer look at the museum's collection. The year ends with a solo exhibition with Hanne Friis. We look forward to welcoming you to the museum!

04.03.22 - 22.05.22 | Knut Henrik Henriksen

17.06.22 - 18.09.22 | PARADE - Queer Culture Year 2022

21.10.22 - 22.01.23 | Hanne Friis

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Knut Henrik Henriksen. “Far, far away he §aw §omething §himmering like Gold”
Queer Culture Year 2022
Hanne Friis. Detail, Circulation. Photo: Margot Montigny