'Perfection/Speculation' at the Vigeland Museum

Held in collaboration with Karmaklubb*, PRAKSIS and Adam Peacock

FREE! But limited capacity, be there early!

Enjoy an evening of art, performance, drag, drinks, dancing, and conversation exploring genes, memes, and the modifiable body.

In the special setting of the Vigeland Museum’s stunning courtyard, PRAKSIS residency 18, Perfection/Speculation and Karmaklubb*’s Queering the museum join hands to explore the connotations of genetic technologies and their relationship to understanding how human culture is affected by new media, and architectures – virtual or physical – that our bodies inhabit.


17:00 Karma* x Disko Brewing in the bar (throughout) + DJ set by SYNK (NO)
17:30 Welcome from PRAKSIS, Karmaklubb* and the Vigeland Museum
18:00 Inspiring conversation: Perfection — Residents Louis Alderson-Bythell (UK/DK), Jonathan Armour (UK) and Erika Stöckel (SE/NO) discuss implications of genetic technologies on the human body with Karma guests Geir Haraldseth (NO), Cassie Brødskive (NO) and Frida Marida (LB)
18:30 Inspiring conversation: Speculation — Residents Adam Peacock (UK), Marte Aas (NO), Trinley Dorje (CA), and Bobby Yu Shuk Pui (HK/NO) talk genetics, science fiction and possible futures with Karma* guests Danja Burchard (DE), and Maike Statz (AU).
19:30 DJ set by SYNK
20:30 Projectors on! Art installation by residents of Perfection / Speculation
21:00 Drag performance by Cassie Brødskive and Frida Marida
21:30 DJ set by SYNK

Due to safety and regulations everyone must be registered upon arrival. Limited capacity of 200! 'First come first serve'. Bar serving closes 22:30, party closes at 23:30. Welcome!

A bit more information

Residency 18, Perfection/Speculation is developed with Adam Peacock and Danai Papadimitriou in collaboration with Karmaklubb* and the Vigeland Museum. The residents are Marte Aas (NO), Jonathan Armour (UK), Louis Alderson-Bythell (UK/DK), Trinley Dorje (CA), Saleh Kashefi (IR), Adam Peacock (UK), Erika Stöckel (SE/NO), Lior Tamin (IL) and Bobby Yu Shuk Pui (HK/NO). For more information about the residency please click here.

Karmaklubb* ‘Queering the Museum’ is a nomadic series of thought and pleasure sessions at museums and such. Pure enjoyment. You are most welcome!

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