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Summer at the Vigeland Museum: Guided Tours, Exhibitions, and Concerts

Visit the Vigeland Museum this summer! See three exciting exhibitions, join daily guided tours, and experience two unique concerts. Discover Gustav Vigeland's extensive artistry with our tours of the exhibitions, park, and artist's home, or relax with live music in our beautiful courtyard.

Guided Tours

Throughout the summer, the Vigeland Museum offers a variety of guided tours to provide visitors with insight into Gustav Vigeland's artistry, home, and his life's work - the Vigeland Park.

Guided Tours in Gustav Vigeland's Artist Home:

Combined Guided Tour of the Vigeland Museum and Vigeland Park:

The combined tour starts at the Vigeland Museum, Gustav Vigeland's former studio and residence. The museum, which opened in 1947, offers insights into the artist's development through a permanent exhibition of his earliest works, well-known monuments, and portrait busts. Here, you can also see the full-size plaster originals of many of the iconic works in Vigeland Park. The building itself is an example of neoclassical architecture, designed by Lorentz Ree.

After the museum visit, the tour continues to Vigeland Park, which consists of over 200 sculptures in granite, bronze, and wrought iron. The park is the result of over 40 years of work, mainly constructed between 1940 and 1949. Here, visitors can experience Vigeland's famous works such as The Monolith, The Fountain, and The Wheel of Life up close and delve into their artistic and craftsmanship background.

Additionally, daily guided tours are offered in the exhibition "Gustav Vigeland. The Home as a Work of Art," which deals with Vigeland's interest in design and craftsmanship. Visitors will also see Vigeland's artist home located on the museum's third floor. In 2024, it will be 100 years since Vigeland moved into this apartment with his wife Ingerid Vigeland. The apartment, which is about 300 square meters, was carefully designed by Vigeland himself, from the colors on the walls to the furniture and interior details such as wrought iron lamps and embroidered textiles made by Ingerid.

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This summer, you can experience the exhibition Gustav Vigeland. The Home as a Work of Art, which highlights Vigeland's interest in home and craftsmanship. Daily guided tours of Vigeland's apartment will be available throughout the summer. In 2024, it will be 100 years since Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) moved into his new apartment in Frogner with his wife Ingerid Vigeland. When it was decided in 1921 that the Oslo municipality would build a studio and future museum for the sculptor, it was also determined that he would receive an apartment in the same building. The apartment is located on the third floor of the museum and is approximately 300 square meters.

When Vigeland moved in, he wanted to leave his mark on the apartment. Every detail was determined by him, from the colors on the walls to the choice of furniture. Additionally, he designed much of the interior himself: wrought iron lamps, candlesticks, carpets, cushions, and pictures on the walls. Ingerid embroidered and wove many of the textiles. The apartment can be seen as a "gesamtkunstwerk" (a total work of art) and is an important part of Vigeland's legacy.


A K Dolven. bed

You can also experience A K Dolven's sculpture bed (2019) from Oslo Municipality's art collection. bed is exactly what it appears to be – a bed. Lie down on it, close your eyes, or look out the skylight. The sculpture is made of Fauske marble, which was formed more than 400 million years ago. A K Dolven (1953) brings it into the light and allows us to carry it forward.

Dolven explores time and our phenomenological experience of it in her works. This theme is recurrent in her art, where bodily contact with nature serves as an entry point to understanding time, both as a phenomenon and as a material. Thus, Dolven invites a sensory encounter between the viewer and the marble sculpture bed.

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Permanent Exhibition

The Vigeland Museum owns an almost complete collection of Gustav Vigeland's art. In our permanent exhibition, you can experience the plaster originals of the iconic works in Vigeland Park in 1:1 scale, several of the sculptor's earliest works, as well as his famous monuments and portrait busts.

At the museum, you can follow the development of Vigeland's artistry and gain a unique insight into the place where he worked and lived for the last 20 years of his life.

The Monolith Hall. Photo: Ivar Kvaal.

Vigeland Live

Concert: Marius Lien with Band

Spellemann Award winner Marius Lien is hailed as Norway's new blues star. The 24-year-old from Vormsund released his debut album, The Woodland Songbook Part 1, in 2023. The album is innovative and modern, while also having strong roots in traditional and classic timeless blues. We look forward to immersing ourselves in Marius' creative universe!

Tickets: Marius Lien at the Vigeland Museum

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Concert: Mall Girl

Mall Girl has performed at festivals such as Øyafestivalen and Roskilde, and in 2022, they released their debut album, "Superstar." Now, they have released their second album, "Pure Love," which you can hear more from at their concert at the Vigeland Museum. Mall Girl has been associated with a multitude of genres: math pop, pink Pom Poko, time signature disco, etc. Whatever all this means, you can find out when they perform in August!

Tickets: Mall Girl at the Vigeland Museum

The concerts are outdoors, so dress according to the weather.

Both concerts starts at 8:00 PM

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Christian Andre Strand 12

Remember to stop by here when you visit the museum. In the courtyard, you will find a fountain and several sculptures by Vigeland, as well as benches where you can sit and take a break.

Welcome to the Vigeland Museum this summer!

Christian Andre Strand 18 Fountain Room. (Photo: Unni Kvam / Vigelandmuseet) The Angry Boy in the Vigeland Park. Photo: Espen Grønli. Hjørnestuen Granittgruppe i Monolittsalen. Foto: Marte Grette The Fountain in plaster in the Vigeland Museum (Photo: Carsten Aniksdal) 7295819 Tønes og Frøkedahl Tarjei krogh kroghx com Vigeland's Beethoven. (Photo: Vigelandmuseet / Carsten Aniksdal) The Fountain, Vigeland Park (Photo: Ingebjørg Mogstad / Vigelandmuseet)